HCLTech and Cisco announce collaboration for cloud-native solutions

HCLTech announced that its Cloud Native Lab in London will showcase Cisco’s cutting-edge technology solutions to enable enterprises to explore and co-create scalable and reliable cloud native solutions that enhance end-user experiences.

Reinforcing HCLTech’s commitment to providing advanced CloudSMART solutions to clients worldwide, the collaboration with Cisco will showcase a range of advanced technologies, including private and sovereign cloud, hybrid cloud, Cisco – Compute and Data Center Networking, Security, Multi-Cloud networking and Full-Stack observability solutions.

Enterprises can use this Cisco lab space to test applications and real-world use cases to gain insights into how cloud-native technologies can transform their businesses. Through firsthand demonstrations and interactive sessions, clients can experience the power of these technologies and understand their potential to accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

“This lab represents our commitment to driving digital transformation and helping enterprises harness the potential of cloud-native technologies,” said Alan Flower, Executive Vice President and Head – Cloud Native Labs, HCLTech. “We aim to equip organizations with the capabilities they need to thrive in an increasingly agile and cloud-native world.”

“We are excited to jointly offer customers in EMEA a dedicated platform to explore and experience the capabilities of Cisco and HCLTech’s cloud solutions,” said Nick Holden, Vice President – Global and Strategic Partners at Cisco. “This lab will catalyze innovation, allowing enterprises to witness real-world use cases and test their own applications in a secure and supportive environment.

“Our partnership with Cisco is deep and we have invested significantly in creating offerings that can solve our clients’ business problems. By introducing a cloud technology showcase with Cisco at our Cloud Native Labs, we endeavor to make cloud-native solutions more accessible,” said Anand Swamy, Executive Vice President and Head – Tech and ISV Ecosystems, HCLTech.

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