Looking for best portable powerbanks? Check out this new range from MPOWER

Mobilla unveils a line-up of 7 cutting-edge power banks ‘MPOWER’ that redefine convenience and reliability. Rooted in innovation, simplicity and practicality, these power-packed solutions seamlessly integrate into one’s lifestyle.

Mobilla showcased its latest technological innovations to discerning consumers setting the stage for the brands remarkable journey going forward. Consisting of MPOWER MAG-1, MPOWER 105, MPOWER 106, MPOWER 205, MPOWER 206, MPOWER 303, and MPOWER 715, Mobilla’s MPOWER Range is safe, efficient, innovative, and an ideal gifting option, available at affordable prices.
MagSafe & Emergency LED Light: A Revolution in Power Banks

Mobilla breaks new ground with the MPOWER MAG-1, featuring advanced MagSafe wireless charging technology. This 10000mAh powerhouse delivers effortless charging by magnetically aligning with your device for a secure, perfect connection every time. The innovative MagSafe system provides next-level convenience and versatility. Simply attach the MPOWER MAG-1 to your wireless charging devices for easy charging without fumbling with cables.

Mobilla’scutting-edge MagSafe power banks are an evolution in the on-going innovation. The revolutionary MPOWER MAG-1 sets a new standard for wireless charging speed, efficiency and alignment. The integrated MagSafe technology, transcends the normal conventional limits, and leads the pack of future progress.

The versatile MPOWER 105 power bank packs 10000mAh of power and an integrated LED flashlight to illuminate any situation. With its 4-in-1 built-in cable, the MPOWER 105 provides charging support for all devices and scenarios.

For even more on-the-go power, it is also available in a high-capacity 20000mAh capacity, ensuring you never run out of juice when you need it most. The MPOWER 105’s ample power capacity keep you powered up anytime, anywhere.
Efficiency combined with Simplicity

With simplicity and reliability at the forefront, Mobilla’sMPOWER 106 offers a convenient 10000mAh capacity with 4 in 1 inbuilt cable. For those seeking extended charge, the MPOWER 303 is packed with a mighty 30000mAh and comes with dual USB ports making way for 2 devices to be charged simultaneously.

The MPOWER 206 on the other hand combines a 20000mAh capacity with 4 in 1 inbuilt cable, offering a straightforward and effective charging solution.

Lastly, the MPOWER 715 introduces innovation with its 10000mAh power bank featuring a digital display indicator and a detachable Lightning cable inside, ensuring a user staysconnected, no matter where. For on-the go users who always need a quick charge, the MPOWER 715 also comes equipped with an advanced Power Delivery (PD), juicing up their devices in no time.

In addition to the brand strong retail and digital presence, Mobilla’s corporate gifting solutions also make way for thoughtful gifting.

Sharing his perspective and the thought behind the launch of the MPOWER range of charging solutions, Jignesh Shah, Co-founder of Mobilla, said “Our journey began with a vision to create tech products that cater to the needs of individuals from all walks of life. We believe that technology should be accessible, reliable, and enriching. I am proud to see our products making a difference in the lives of our customers. We are committed to innovation and user satisfaction, and we will continue to push boundaries to bring you the best in tech.”

Hetal Shah, Co-founder Of Mobilla, further added, “Understanding what the market needs and working tirelessly to provide it has been at the core of Mobilla’s mission. Our power banks are a testament to our dedication to meeting the evolving demands of our customers. We aim to bring practical, high-quality solutions to your everyday life, and our commitment to excellence drives us forward.”

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