A new premium accessories brand hits the town; check product details and specs

Mahendra Jangir, former founder of Hearmo, re-enters the tech scene with the unveiling of his latest venture, HEARFIT. HEARFIT introduces a diverse lineup of categories designed to meet diverse consumer needs:

HEARBUDS: Merging design with advanced audio technology, Hearbuds promise an immersive audio experience, setting a new benchmark for ear-worn devices. Whether you’re a music aficionado or on the go, Hearbuds aim to deliver the perfect auditory companion.

WRISTIME: Redefining high-end smartwatches, Wristime seamlessly blends aesthetics with advanced functionalities. It promises to be a comprehensive wearable that integrates into the modern lifestyle, catering to both fitness enthusiasts and tech-savvy professionals.

EARTUNE: Providing a personalized and comfortable audio experience tailored to individual preferences, Eartune offers a revolutionary approach to personal wired audio. Whether you’re in the office, commuting, or enjoying downtime, Eartune is designed to elevate your audio journey.

WARGER: In the realm of chargers, Warger merges practicality with innovation. It offers a stylish solution to the common challenge of device battery life, providing users with a convenient and stylish way to stay powered up on the go.

Mahendra Jangir, Founder, HEARFIT, states, “HEARFIT is a vision to connect and thrive in the world of premium accessories. We believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation and style to deliver products that resonate with our consumers’ diverse needs.”

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